Sports Center in Almazora

JUNE 2015


year 3


The objective is to create a clean and simple organization for such a complex program. The idea is for the building to be composed of two main axis. One horizontal axis that will solve the housing and a vertical axis that will solve the sport area.

Starting from the fact that is a complex building that requires different areas, I propose a series of volumes that will adapt to each part accordingly. light is an important factor in this project. Its treatment depends on the necessities of very space.

The light inclination of the site allows the building to be buried in certain areas creating different heights without having a great impact on the outside of the building.

The horizontal axis is composed of different volumes united by one roof. Special importance is given to the exterior space that remains among the different volumes.

The common area is located on the ground floor which opens to the north using the dim light for the library. The bedrooms are located on the second floor together with some common spaces. In this case the views towards the river and the southern light is used.

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